What is CC?

There are many styles of homeschooling and many reasons to go on this journey with your children. We found that a classical model was a good fit for us. We like to think of our journey as having a private education at home. We love that we can customize our child’s education to encourage their love of learning!

Classical Conversations(CC) is a Christ-centered, classical, home school community and they equip parents for all ages.  CC started in the United States and has communities in various countries. There are 3 Cycles in the Foundations and Essentials groups that teaches essential grammar of various subjects, so no matter where you live or travel, the CC community in that area would be doing the same Cycle.

Once we found out what CC was, we attended an information session with a Director in our area that was starting a group here in Ontario. Here’s some more info about their approach:

I love the simplicity of the approach. It helped me not overcomplicate our homeschool and adopt their stick in the sand approach. Our eldest is in the foundations class and I was eager to get involved so I could learn the model for myself so I became a tutor.chalk1

CC completes our family’s homeschooling experience and our kids love it! We learn so much together and I feel well supported to offer a Classical Christian Worldview to my children. We are so glad we made that decision! It makes my homeschool planning much easier. I still have a language arts program (which is French and English in our home) and Math. The rest is based around the Cycle we are in with CC. That makes it alot of fun this year as they have provided families in the UK and Canada with their own History and Geography content. We are loving it!

I want my children to be confident in who they are, not shy away from asking questions, debate different points of view and be confident in their own beliefs. They can disagree with someone yet still love them and seek to understand them without having to change who they are.

I want them to look at others with compassion and to be intentional in how they live.  

They have the ability to do great things and we want to speak life over them and nurture their strengths!


CC Maple Mama